About us

cdnnow from philosophy to implementing

cdnnow — is a new step in IT evolution

We have

1. gathered the best programmers and developers from all around the country
2. worked a lot
3. created a unique CDN network

This is a summary of our company’s history. Maybe one day we’ll make a film showing how everything started. But for now we just want to tell you how our achievements could change your life too.

History of cdnnow creation and of it’s early development

Even if we forget for a second the unique technical character of the CDN service and stop talking about our deeds on the field of developing highly sophisticated traffic flow management architecture – even in this case we could tell with certainty that we have developed a truly unique project.
It is a content delivery network with incredibly clever balancing system and infinite possibilities to create online TV, deliver data all around the world and new high speed performance of your site.

We are very proud that all this work has been accomplished by ours programmers and engineers only. And we are sure that the CDN we’ve created will become a true locomotive for the whole domestic Internet business and will bring about new opportunities for companies to enter global markets.
This is the idea that drew our team together.
It is up to you though to evaluate our work.