p2p service


Service p2pnow delivers your video content to viewers with the highest quality and speed, increasing the effectiveness of CDN and saving your money on traffic!

With WebRTC and JavaScript, our p2pnow «teach» your client's browser to become part of peer-to-peer p2pnow network and start distributing your content through yourself!

Connect your site to p2pnow network very easy — you just need to add our JavaScript to the page.

Who needs it?

Live stream, VOD

p2pnow is needed for:

  • LIVE streaming services (online cinemas, online TV, streaming sites);
  • Sites with video (VOD) — news, learning video, any site with video and audio content, with films and clips;
  • Online radio, sites of musical groups, audio portals.
Service p2p is suitable for those who have many simultaneous views (downloads).

If you already know everything about p2p

and want to test it faster, then go to our demo site

Go to demo (rus)

To enable p2pnow on your site leave request.

Combination of CDN + P2P

Using p2p and CDN will reduce the cost of the last one. The viewer's browser will be at the beginning request video from the nearest other user who also watches this video. CDN will be use only if can not download from the p2p network.

The more your p2p-users in one region, the more traffic will be transmitted from the p2p network. This allows you to reduce the cost of CDN and improve the speed of delivery of content.

You, as a content generator, save a lot on paying for traffic, without limiting your audience in download speed. This is especially true if you are limited by the monthly traffic volume or the bandwidth of the channel.

Thanks to the use of peer-to-peer networks, p2pnow streaming technology significantly increases the server's bandwidth while simultaneously accessing a wider audience.

Integration with DRM for protection

Our p2pnow system integrates perfectly with our other video protection system from piracy — drmnow (which supports all major types of DRM) and a player with support for DRM and advertising (VAST 3.0 + VPAID 2.0) playernow.


The p2pnow service scales endlessly and does not depend on the number of servers on the CDN network or your servers! The more viewers watch your video, the more p2pnow network grows and the less you pay for traffic.

How to activate the p2pnow?


To you

Add JavaScript code on your site.

To your customers

The p2p service requires a modern browser with WebRTC support.

Now this is the majority of browsers (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Safari), including versions for mobile platforms and modern browsers for SmartTV. Each viewer watching your video in that browser, becomes a member of the p2pnow network.

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How the system p2pnow works?

  • Your client opens a page in the browser with the p2pnow code installed and the content that you want to distribute through the p2pnow network.
  • The p2pnow service connects your clients to a common p2pnow network.
  • The p2pnow code intercepts client browser requests to your resources.
  • In the event that other p2pnow clients have the necessary content, the p2pnow code downloads it directly from the user.
  • If there is no content on the p2pnow network, the request is sent to the CDN nodes or to your nodes.

All this happens clear for user.

For what does p2pnow take payment?

There are two options for cooperation:

  • Payment for downloaded volume in p2pnow network (as in CDN, payment for downloaded TB traffic).
    In this case, the entire infrastructure is located on the p2pnow network.

  • Obtaining a license for the domains you need.
    In this case, it is possible to deploy the p2pnow infrastructure on your servers, as well as support from our side.


How does the anti-fraud system work?
We use a neural network to measure traffic and detect fraudulent user activity.

How can I test p2pnow?

Go to the demo site and follow the simple instructions

Go to demo (rus)

To enable p2pnow on your site leave request.