Image image-optimization

On-the-fly image processing

What is it for?

Optimization allows you to noticeably increase the page loading speed of your website visitors. In addition, this technology allows you to resize images, crop, compress, and more.

Significant speed gain

Images are converted on-the-fly to the webp format, which is supported by almost all modern browsers, which can reduce image file sizes by 30-35 percent without losing quality.

Best quality for various types of devices

Image Optimization Service helps to ensure the best quality, size and format for different types of devices. This makes it possible to avoid storing additional copies of the same image. In this case, the original image is not modified.

Automatic processing service cost

The cost is calculated based on the rate of €0,17 for 1000 performed image optimizations

How to connect an image image-optimization service?

To enable the service, you need to contact support. When contacting, please indicate the following parameters:

  • URL from which the service will pick up the original images
  • List of values ​​of widths and heights that will be used by the service
  • List of file extensions that will be processed by the service
  • The domain you plan to use for compressed images
  • As soon as support turns on the service for your project, you can immediately start using it