Prices for CDN services

CDN services / Data storage / Transcoding

Acceleration of small business

CDN for a one site

The tariff is suitable for 1 site with traffic up to 1 TB

8 / mo


or get it free

Medium and large projects

CDN by traffic

The price depends on traffic volume and coverage area

0.014–0.037 / GB


free test

Stable load project

Bandwidth 1 Gbps

Fix price for 1gbps bandwidth width 95th percentile

520 / mo


free test

Any cdnnow data transfer rate includes: support for SSL certificates of your site, secure token, detailed traffic statistics for your project in your account and through the API, geographic traffic shaping. Any service can first be tested for free.

Cost of CDN traffic

Covering area: Russia & CIS, Europe & Asia USA
your traffic for 1 TB per month
< 3 TB € 37
3–10 TB € 24
11–50 TB € 19
51–300 TB € 14
≥ 301 TB personal price

Unlimited number of projects. Traffic is summarized by regions.
A prepaid is €10. Pay only for the traffic that you use. No monthly fee.

Free CDN test

Data storage

data volume for 1 TB per month
≤ 10 TB € 40
11–20 TB € 35
21–50 TB € 30
≥ 51 TB personal price

If you need to store the source files (origin) on our servers.
No monthly fee.
Is an additional service for CDN.
Indicate in the request if you need data storage.

With us, you can also place data in S3 object storage. The cost of storage is the same as for the usual type of storage.


SD stream in 3 qualities € 35
HD stream in 3 qualities € 50

It is possible to transcode audio and video streams from any format to any other with different quality settings. Details on request.

Individual approach

Don't know what to choose? Write to us, our experts will select the optimal plan for your project. You can write us a letter or write in contact form.